If it doesn’t feel right, say something

When you’ve got a lot of experience doing something and you see a situation that doesn’t feel right. Say something. You might be wrong. But if you don’t…

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A perspective is only as valuable as the experience and consideration behind it

If you’re going to share your perspective it’s got to have value. A perspective gets value when it is shaped by a ton of pragmatic experience.  If you don’t…


There is no shame in asking for help

A friend and former colleague tried to get hired where I work, but he didn’t tell me or ask me for help or advice. He’s more qualified to…


Flying propeller

I’ve often wanted to play with propellers as a way to generate electricity, but recently also began to wonder about using them for lift. Over the course of…

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USB Powered Magic Trackpad

I’ve done a number of replace-batteries with a charger projects (biggest savings was for a child-swing). Having recently purchased an Apple Magic Trackpad I disliked that it required batteries….


Three methods for increasing your personal creative velocity

When you make things you come up against hard limits to how much you can make in a given time. One way to overcome this problem is to add…


The future of books – Part 1: The awesome features of paper books

The modern paper book represents a pinnacle in the evolution of a physical medium to store and communicate information. Through trial, error, iteration, and experiment the paper book arrived at some pretty…


Making it worth something; creating value by design

Some describe value as a simple equation: benefits – costs. This is a rational way to think about value. But people, especially when assigning value aren’t rational.


The function of corrugation

Corrugated steel, corrugated cardboard, creases in the external panels of your car. Ridges in shells, palm leaves. Every one of these leverages bends in a sheet to increase…

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Every thing you’ve ever designed should be dissatisfying (to you)

Every thing you’ve ever designed should be dissatisfying to you. Sure maybe the day you came up with it all you could see was sunshine and rainbows. But…


Augmenting music to fit the surrounding spatial environment

I’ve always wanted to find ways for digital technology to reconnect people with their environment. Screens, with the exception of augmented reality, tend to disconnect people from their…


Redesigning a complex system

I was given the opportunity to lead a top-to-bottom redesign of our EHR. The goal was a responsive design that is mobile and desktop friendly, that is modular enough to support…

Stone sketch collection

Stone sketches

What started out as a lazy day at the beach ended up as an unexpected discovery of a new medium.

initial sketch

Start with vision

When you are creating products, start from a holistic vision of what you want to arrive at. It’s true that you must build it one step at a…


Simple electromagnet

I’ve been curious about how electromagnets work. Because they are a magnet that can turn on and off they are a lot more versatile than a natural magnet…

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Clingy soap for more thorough hand-washing

Even when you know how you’re supposed to wash your hands in a healthcare setting like a hospital it’s easy to get lax with the ritual.


New hand-drill handles

A friend gave me an old broken hand-drill. All the metal mechanical parts still worked, but the plastic handles were loose and cracked. I took a redwood branch…


Breath as ambient connection

thor's table

Experience trumps success

Experience is worth more than success. Success is a one time deal.


Linear fingerlings

Observing the high tide debris line I noticed that a significant number of the sticks were about the same size. On average they were all about the length…